Cactus latin name

cactus latin name

This is an alphabetical listing of all Latin (Scientific) Names for Cacti and see the species on with that name or click on a letter to view names. From Latin cactus, from Ancient Greek κάκτος (káktos, “cardoon”), In modern English, the term cactus properly refers to plants belonging to the family. COMMON NAME: Chisos Hedgehog, same as scientific name. Echinocereus coccineu Claret-Cup Cactus SCIENTIFIC NAME: Echinocereus + coccineus, Latin.

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My cactus collection need names. cactus latin name Anderson attributes the name to the belief that just as St Peter holds the keys to heaven, the effects of the cactus allow users "to reach heaven while still on earth. Thus, a study found "an extraordinarily high proportion of genera" were not monophyletic, so were not all descendants of a single common ancestor. Home Experiences Why magic? Pereskia is considered close to the ancestral species from which all cacti evolved. Fusarium rot can gain entry through a wound and cause rotting accompanied by red-violet mold. At night, or when the plant is short of water, the stomata close and the CAM mechanism is used to store CO 2 produced by respiration for use later in photosynthesis.

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Helminosporium cactivorum [] ; Phytophthora species also cause similar rotting in cacti. This page was last edited on 2 July , at The Genus name implies: The remaining cacti fall into only two genera, Pereskia and Maihuenia , and are rather different, [9] which means any description of cacti as a whole must frequently make exceptions for them. Use the keyword search to enter a full name or part of a name or select from a list of names. Their stems are typically flattened, almost leaf-like in appearance, with fewer or even no spines, such as the well-known Christmas cactus or Thanksgiving cactus in the genus Schlumbergera. In tropical regions, some grow as forest climbers and epiphytes. Some cacti produce "pads" or "joints" that can be detached or cleanly cut off. Hunter-gatherers likely collected cactus fruits in the wild and brought them back to their camps. By forcing their way into minute pores and crevices, they hold the plant firmly in place. Cactus Journal Cactus Latin Name View larger image.

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In biology the binomial nomenclature is a standard convention that identifies each species by a scientific name of two words, Latin in form and usually derived from Greek or Latin roots. As well as spines, areoles give rise to flowers , which are usually tubular and multipetaled. Those that feed on sap include: Haworthia magnifica var splendens. This unusual genus was named by F. Although variable, they typically appear as woolly or hairy areas on the stems from which spines emerge.